A full-cycle video production for your business and creativity

Commercial for Jaguar Ukraine
Video production of music and dance videos for Maruv
Feel cosily in every moment
Delicious video for advertising and boosting sales
Reporting video from the business forum in Turkey
Virtual Stage is about the best traditions of night scenes of Atlas Weekend, supplemented with Kyiv views and a unique barge on the Dnipro river
An individual approach to each client, because you are special, and your business is unique.
We tell stories that create inseparable connections between the brand and the viewer
A video with an artistic or animated presentation, the main task of which is to advertise a product (goods or services) or a brand. The main purpose of the commercial is to increase sales, popularize or increase brand awareness.
Social video
A type of non-commercial advertising aimed at changing patterns of public behaviour and drawing attention to the problems of society. It is a tool for solving social problems by means of communications.
Video report
Professional videography of developments and events that may have a certain scenario or can be improvised. Such video shooting takes place in real time and records all events that occur in the chronology.
Presentation video
A visiting card of the company that extensively shows the benefits of goods or services. Nowadays, the presence of a presentation film is an important component of the image for a large company.
Music/dance video
Visualization of music is a separate kind of art that has firmly entered our lives. We see the mix of music and video in every commercial - from viral videos to infographics. A music video is a story of music, a way to tell music through scenes, dance, movement.
Motivational/sports video
A great way to be inspired, energized, uplifted for the whole day!
Tutorial videos
This is a separate type of video. Basically, it can be presentational, corporate or other - this doesn`t change its essence. After all, it is much easier to watch a video, which will tell in detail and show what needs to be done and how to do it properly, than to study multi-page text works and instructions.
Food videography
The trend in the videography dedicated to professional food shooting.
Promotional video
This is an excellent image tool that can quickly and simply convey important information to the client or partner.
How we work
The first and most important stage of video production
Preparing for filming is the foremost stage of video production. At this point, we write a script, conduct the casting of actors (models), select locations, draw storyboards for the frames that will be shot at the next stage.
The team and locations are ready
When the video is prepared, the shooting process begins immediately. We involve a lot of specialists: director, actors, cameraman, makeup artists, costumers, etc. When the material is shot, it is transferred to specialists in the post-production department.
Editing, colour correction, sound and motion design
The final stage. Creative specialists work carefully with the footage: editors, colourists, motion designers, announcers, sound designers. After meeting all the director's requirements, the video passes quality control and it is presented to the client.
We are that guys who are used to tackle difficult tasks.
About us
Kontrast.Film is a place full of friendly atmosphere, lifestyle and professionalism. We are obsessed with the result: we see the essence and find bright solutions for each project.
  • Ruslan Horenko
    Co-founder, producer, director of photography
  • Vlad Koistryk
    Co-founder, director
Our clients
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